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About Me

A little about me... I have been contemplating the Gene Keys for almost four years now and it’s been a very revealing journey. This kind of self illumination of your higher frequencies and the shadow states that come along with has been thought provoking and at times quite emotional.

Last year I began to dive deeper into understanding the Gene Keys of my husband and three young boys. What started as a way to help me sort out deep feelings and challenges within my close relationships expanded to the desire to help teach others to do this for their families and themselves.

My goal is to inspire deep satisfaction in and healing of your close relationships and mastery of the parenting (or self-parenting) journey. 

Why You Should Join Me

As a teacher of delight, acceptance, and universal love I’m here to help you facilitate those qualities in your life. Whether you are new to the Gene Keys or a seasoned student, this community was designed as a space for you to open up about your journey and be inspired by others doing the same. 

A Big Thanks

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to Richard Rudd, the first student and writer of the Gene Keys.

Many thanks also to the Gene Keys team for supporting myself and many others on the journey to discover your personal genius.

Please check out the resources on to deepen your personal growth. This is where you go to get your personal profile and the profiles of your family members. I also highly recommend the online program Treading the Golden Path for newbies or seasoned self-study students.